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Postby Dekka34 » Sat Dec 02, 2006 10:11 am

RE: Political

It is true that there is some underlying political putting head in sand (too hard basket, to much paper work, accused or being racist) regarding aboriginies. At Dapto station Thurs & Friday this week, Christmas celebrations started with the regular crowd of 6 to 12 with kids in tow drinking outside the station in the grounds although still on Railcorp land.

Ran into the lady who lives in the house close by, she rang police, police came to house after all had dissappeared and told her she was wrong to take pictures of the area in which they were drinking because she may get herself into some trouble with the crowd. They did indicate they would move them on if she rings again, it is interesting to note that it does take a lot of time for the police to arrive when called. Dapto Station area has multiple signs that says it is a alcohol free area. It is Saturday now & after driving by this morning the area is still full of empty beer bottles, cartons and food items from these two days.The council was rang to clean mess, no one yet has come, Railcorp must be blind not to see this mess, She rang the Mercury about this and they were interested in the story until she mentioned aboriginies, the converstaion was abruptly ended with "oh no we can do a story like that" have a good weekend.

Things will never change in & around railway stations until the rules of engagement are clear, precise and not watered down by lawmakers who specialise in head in sand policies(Government). The public service have the people employed already in the Railcorp & Policing services to address anti social human beings and animalistic behaviour however in my view too many restrictions are put on them to be able to perform there duties. My goal is to be able to consistantly see everybody to use train services without fear, intimitation of being harrassed, intimitated, robbed or assaulted.

I really do not think it is too much to ask.
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Postby x transit » Sat Dec 02, 2006 3:37 pm

As an ex transit and comming from a background in law, you get to the stage where you just put your hands up and say, "I give up". You do the right thing and bring these people and others to justice, and the courts just let these people off with a slap on the wrist.

If you bring an aboriginal in front of Magistrate Pat O'Shane, then forget it. Regardless of what they have done, they will always win the case. Its surprising that if you have an AVO on you, you cannot apply for even a security license, yet she can have an AVO against her and still be a magistrate. Got me stumped

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Postby Aussie » Sat Dec 02, 2006 4:00 pm

x transit wrote:If you bring an aboriginal in front of Magistrate Pat O'Shane, then forget it. Regardless of what they have done, they will always win the case.

If any criminal goes in front of that b*tch they will win the case.
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Postby Dekka34 » Sat Dec 02, 2006 4:12 pm

I do think from what I read between the lines they are gunning for that particular magistrate, again any other magistrate would be probably be "demoted' a long time ago.

Thats right the police that come are also frustrated with the whole system, the backlash can take its toll on most people eventually. Its a cycle and unless it is broken in 20 years time the same thing will be happening, actually less will be happening because no one will want to use the trains in certain areas.
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